Meet Our Team and Advisors

Accomplished former CEO of several business. over the last 25 years. Adviser to entrepreneurs, start-up businesses and

sales and marketing teams. 

World Canna Health - President

David Lal

Double board certified practicing surgeon.  He is CEO/founder of Reserve:MD, doctor formulated medical grade CBD products. Dr. Abodeely practices in upstate New York and speaks and trains at industry and medical  events around country.  

Medical Doctor

Adam Abodeely, MD


President and founder of Doctor Jane, South Florida’s most professional and discreet concierge medical cannabis practice.


Dr. Weyback is a United States Navy veteran and a neurosurgery-trained physician.

Medical Doctor

Luis Enrique Loiger-Weyback, (Rick) MD

Dr. Zac Pilossoph, is a nationally recognized veterinary medical professional, a top graduate of Tufts University Veterinary School of Medicine with postgraduate focused training in E/CC and Neurology/Neurosurgery at two of the most prestigious programs in the country. 

Dr. Pilossoph, is one of only a few veterinary phytocannabinoid/endocannabinoid physiology experts in the world.  

Veterinary Medicine

Zac Pilossoph, DVM

Oklahoma amazed the nation by creating a simple and easy path for medical marijuana use and businesses. More than anyone else, Chip Paul is the man responsible for it. He championed it from the beginning and was the original author of the law.


Mr. Paul is uniquely versed in the health and science of canabinoids and practical business applications.

Science & Product Production 

Chip Paul

Ryan is the CEO and Founder of one of the fastest growing and nationally   respected farms, Big Sky Scientific.

Big Sky Scientific supplies CBD, ingredients, knowledge, education, and formulas to others in the CBD and industrial hemp industries. 

Cultivation Operations 

Ryan Shore

 Client relations and service coordinator.  

Client Relations Director

Gigi Ellis