Setting up the Sale

Buying Discussions with Your Customer

Conversations with potential customers can begin in a variety of ways, conversations with people you know may begin more casually with an introduction about what you are doing in life.

Here are a few sample conversation starters with people you know outside of the store:

    Hey, Guess what I’m doing these days…………...I got into the CBD business because…..I find that so many people are confused about CBD….

Assisting Customers coming into your store,  or if the CBD conversation has already been established - 


Don’t rush to the sale, take 5-10 minutes to get to know your client, why they came to you or why they need CBD, what they are hoping to gain. The few minutes you take in the early stages of the relationship will go a long way in developing a strong long-term relationship. You will know how to help your customer and your customer will know that you care.  

Your intake process is like an initial meeting with a doctor, a lawyer or any other professional. You can’t help your client if you don’t know his or her concerns.   (Use the intake form)*

Understand Why Your Customer Wants or Needs CBD

People want to buy and use CBD  for very different reasons, selling to your customer is much easier when you are talking about the things that mean the most to him/her.

The best way to determine that is to ASK. 

a.    How did you hear about CBD?

b.    Have you ever used CBD, what was your experience?

c.    What are you hoping CBD can do for you?

d.    What is more important, the feeling better or using natural products or both? 

e.    Conversationally probe to get the bottom of why they are here, what is the real problem?
When you can determine what is important to your client, you can focus your presentation accordingly. 

1.    General Health – Like a good multi-vitamin, some people will want to take CBD daily for general health benefits. This is an ideal client to place on a monthly subscription. 

2.    Specific Problem -  Many customers you will encounter will have health issues that they will want help with, such as sleep or pain. 

3.    Natural Products – Some will be drawn to CBD because it is all natural. An increasing number of people have become disillusioned by big pharma and want to explore natural and healthy alternatives. 

4.    Cannabis Advocates – People who use or have used cannabis are already inclined to use cannabis products are exploring CBD, because they already believe in it. 

5.    Trendy – All though this may seem like a silly reason to explore CBD, but many people are drawn to CBD because of the media attention it has recently received. Many celebrities have come out in favor of CBD and CBD is mentioned on news and TV programs. People want to see what the buzz is all about.

Qualifying Questions: 

During your first meeting with a future client, ask lots of questions, take the time to understand why your prospect is talking with you, what are their concerns and objectives. 

Now is not the time to explain or educate, just gather information. The following questions should be asked in a conversational manner this is not an interrogation. If your store allows the space, sit down with your client. 

Listen, Probe, Clarify & Understand what your prospect is saying.

•    Why are you thinking about CBD?

•    What are you hoping CBD will do for you?

•    What concerns do you have about CBD?

•    Are there particular health concerns that you would like to address with CBD?

•    How does this effect your daily routine?

•    Are there particular health concerns that your family or friend have that you would like to address CBD?

•    How does this effect their daily routine?

•    How long ago was it that you felt your best?

•    How do you prefer to take medicines, i.e. pills, balm, tincture?

•    What types of medicines are you now taking?

•    What health conditions do you currently have or suffer from?

•    Are there any other concerns that you have that we have not covered?

•    Do you know how and why CBD works? 

Reiterate what your client just told you, confirm that you got it right.  Let your client tell you YES. 

After you have your customers affirmative assertion, say: 

“If I can address all your concerns and show you how CBD can work to alleviate your (issues discussed) and create a solid plan to move forward would you be willing to work with me for at least the next 3-6 months so that we can track and adjust your CBD dosing so you can get the full benefits of CBD to help resolve the concerns we just spoke about?”

Get a commitment!

Problem – Agitate – Solution


Understand the problem from your interview conversation and restate, lets assume the client is experiencing wrist pain.

(Problem)  "So, what I understand, you are feeling pain in your wrist. This pain makes it hard to sleep and when you wake up in the morning, the pain is there but gets worse by mid-day. Since you do a lot of writing and computer work in your job, you are in constant pain and are currently popping Advils all day". 

                  Let your client again tell you YES.

 (Agitate)  "It seems that if we don’t treat this, the pain will get worse and possibly keep you from effectively doing your job and keeping you awake at night and making it even harder to get through the day, is that right?"      


                 Let your client again tell you YES.

(Solution)  OK, perhaps we can find a product that will help ease the pain and we can monitor and adjust the dose as we check in about 7-10 days. It will take a about 4-7 days to begin feeling the effects and I want to keep a journal of how you feel each day so we can see what adjustments if any we need to make.

        (Use the World Canna Health Titration Chart)*


When we find the right dose for you and your pain is manageable and comfortable, you will be able to get more sleep and find it easier to work work.    


Does this sound about right?     


                            Let your client again tell you YES. 

                                        "Wouldn’t it be great to feel your best again?"

Make Your Case


Explain who you are, the World Canna Health training you receive. Point out your framed Master Cannabinologist® framed certificate on the wall. 

Explain how your products are made, where they are made and who makes them. 

Explain the medicine and science in the products. 

Bring out the product that best represents the first concern and explain how it will work for them,  In our example, it is wrist pain, show the product, select the salve, make the recommendations.  i.e..  “The (Salve) might be a great place for us to start", take the salve, show it, let the client smell it, take some and apply it and massage it into the the wrist.  

Determine the use/dose schedule.    

                     (Use the World Canna Health Titration Chart)*

Discuss and write down the baseline health issues. 


How do they feel now?


In this example, if we are talking about pain, how do the feel in the morning, at midday in the evening?

When is it worse? 

You will use this information to see how they are doing in a week? In two weeks, etc. 

The goal is to see that the product is working and that the dosing is being adjusted as needed. 

Your walk-in customer will quickly transition to a regular client when they see that:


A- You care

B- The products work, and

C- That you will be there to support them going forward. 

Soon you will be able to put your client on a monthly product subscription. 

Product Samples

Introduce your customer to new products, apply a lotion or balm or taste a tincture while they are with you. Make add on recommendations for beauty products. Ask about health concerns of a family member or a pet. Give free gifts based on their purchase.

             Don't just give out random products as free samples, this is almost always a waste.

Gather Data

Fill out an intake form. Gather your client’s history and contact info.

Follow up

Carve out time every week to follow up on clients from last week, via a call or email, see how they are doing.


Create a reminder system that is easy for you, such as an online calendar or other automated system to remind you to follow up. 

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