Sell more by selling none

Of course most of us by now, can easily answer all of the basic questions about CBD and the Endocannabinoid System but there will always be more to learn about the science of CBD and cannabis, but at some point you need to switch gears for a bit and focus on sales.


Which reminds me of an old joke: An old man walks into to his doctor's office and tells him he can't pee, the doctor asks him how old he is. 95, the old man replies. The Doctor tells him 'well you've peed enough!'


To paraphrase the good doctor, you may have learned enough for the moment and it may be time to turn your attention to sales, now more than ever.


If you are in business and intend to stay in business, you need to keep selling.


One of the biggest problems most businesses have is finding new CBD clients, there are many ways to attract new clients and we will discuss some of the basic ways in weeks to come and delve deeper into more sophisticated methods in our upcoming live and online events, but the problem is that most of us are looking in the same place. Directly competing with CBD giants.


One of our biggest selling products has ZERO CBD in it. So why do we sell it? because it helps us sell more CBD products.


We aggressively promote our retinol face cream  for one of our brands on mainstream websites that refuse CBD advertising. This consistently grows our pipeline of future CBD clients who may not currently be thinking of CBD and probably will not respond to yet another CBD ad, but are open to hearing about our other products after they become a customer.


By building the pipeline and educating those prospects about the value of CBD, we build a constant flow of new customers who are not tainted by other CBD sellers. You can promote any in demand product like Face Cream, Sleep Aid or Pain Creams, all without CBD. Then slowly cultivate that customer into your CBD products. You can also do this with information, such as free ebooks, but not as effectively.  


It may take a bit longer, but its worth the wait.

See how we have done it at:


It may just be that your new non CBD face cream, sleep aid or multivitamin opens the floodgate to your CBD sales.

If you want to add new CBD or Non-CBD health products with or without your private label, contact us, we can help.

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