Cannabinologer®  or 


We are switching the Cannabinologer title to Cannabinologist!  But why?  

We are not retiring the title Cannabinologer only allowing it to rest while its much more easy to pronounce twin, Cannabinologist takes the front seat in our marketing. 

Both Cannabinologer and Cannabinologist are registered trademarked terms and may only be used by certified World Canna Health professionals, and you are free to use either term if referring to yourself and your certoficate can use either title.

Due to the pandemic, most live 2020 training events have been cancelled and rolled over into 2021. However you can still renew your certificate.  

Renew your certification today. 

Renew for 12 months or for 24 months.  Existing Cannabinologers may choose to keep the title. 

All renewal fees will be credited to all live events in 2021.