CBD Transdermal Patch distribution 

Private labeling available

THC Patches  available to licensed processors in THC legal states through a partnership program.


Please call for details.            1-833-43-CANNA  (1-833-432-2662)  extension 800  

The most in demand CBD product is now available to you!

Fast, Efficient, Continuous and Discreet CBD dosing for up to 36 hours.  

Add CBD Transdermal Patches to your store and watch it become your top selling product.

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The CBD Transdermal Patch is placed on the skin to deliver a specific dose of cannabidiol through the skin and into the bloodstream.  The benefit of cannabidiol  transdermal delivery is constant dosing of cannabidiol over a prolonged period of time.  The World Canna Health transdermal patch provides the delivery of CBD cannabinoids directly into the bloodstream and allows one to get a set dose every hour up to 36 hours.

Our patches utilize an advanced adhesive formula that contains 99.9% isolate 

cannabidiol that is THC free. Since this isolate CBD binds to alcohols, they are able

to pass through all seven layers of the dermis and into the bloodstream. 

All of the isolate used is tested at  third party certified labs and screened for

pesticides. The patches are then made with their specialized time-release formula

into the specific ratio. The patches are further tested in third party labs that

specialize in permeation testing. 


70mg CBD 36 hour time release. 

This high CBD patch discreetly delivers 1.94mg of CBD directly into your bloodstream every hour. 


Some customer may want to cut the patch in half or even in quarters to reduce the delivery and use over a longer period of time.


Cutting the patch in half would reduce the delivery amount. 35mg CBD patch 24 hour time release provides 1.46mg/hour of CBD.  


  • Discreet Use

  • Easy to carry, Easy to use

  • Improved bioavailability 

  • Limits waste and avoids the the first pass effect of metabolism

  • Easy to control and manage doses effectively 


Each package contains:

  • One transdermal patch

  • Two alcohol wipes

  • One direction card

Each 70mg Patch retails from $17 to $24.  Your cost is as low as $6.75

Wholesale/Distributor Pricing:
Sample Pack - 10 patches:                                        $125.00                    
100 - 1,000:                                                               $11.50
1,001 - 2,500:                                                            $  9.50
2,501 - 5,000:                                                            $  8.75
5,001 - 7,500:                                                            $  8.25
7,501 - 10,000:                                                          $  7.50
10,000+                                                                      $ 6.75                  1-833-43-CANNA (432-2662)
Private Label:                                                              CALL                   1-833-43-CANNA (432-2662)
First time introductory starter price:
1,000 patches for $7.00 ea,  Turn  $7,000 into $24,000!!  
Contact us to set up your wholesale account or call 1-833-43-CANNA (432-2662)
World Canna Health products are only sold via authorized distributors. 
Consumer information page:   https://www.worldcannahealth.com/patch