Master Cannabinologist® On-Line Training

Due to Covid-19 restrictions for large live events, we have created a discounted and fast-tracked on-line course that you can take from from the comfort and safety of your home plus receive turnkey CBD business start-up guidance.  

Live Event Course Fee:    $895.00

Covid-19 Online Program:  $295.00     

The Master Cannabinologist - Canna 101 online training.


The lesson, the subsequent test and the include zoom trainings is an abbreviated, yet comprehensive training in lieu of the full day live trainings. 


You will be asked to schedule an oral exam after your have studied the following material.  There are 25 questions that you will need to answer/explain. You will be allotted 2 minutes for each question, but you should be able to explain your answer in 30-45 seconds.


You will need to successfully answer at least 20 questions to earn your Master Cannabinologist® Certificate.   

You should also plan to participate in at least 4 on-line zoom classes or sign up to view the recorded classes, each year. Continued classes are included at no additional cost. 

No time limit to complete, study at your own pace and  schedule the test when you are ready. 

Please call to enroll:   833-43-CANNA  (1-833-432-2662)