Cannabinologer™ Training for Oklahoma Dispensary Workers

presented live at: 

 7726 North Owasso Expressway,

Owasso Oklahoma 74055 

Training Date: Saturday April 4, 2022

8:00am - 2:00pm

Oklahoma Dispensary Workers Training!!


Oklahoma is a cannabis Gold Mine. Will you take advantage of it?

Learn the Science, the Medicine and how to explain it to your patients in one jam packed day.    


Course topics include:

The Amazing facts and explanation of The Master Regulatory System™ and why understanding it could save lives!

How and Why to start viewing health issues though The Master Regulator System™ eyes.


Basics of proper dosing. 

Understanding what works for what ailment, know how to make strong recommendations.

When you know what you are selling, you will Sell More!!

Successful completion of this course earns you the exclusive Cannabinologer™ certification.

This course is ideal for:


         ALL dispensary workers & sales staff

         Health care workers

         People starting out in the Cannabis business, CBD or Medical THC 

This is a comprehensive 6 hour training presented by Oklahoma's

own Chip Paul. Chip is a expert cannabis formulator, expert

trainer on The Master Regulator System™ and perhaps more than

anyone else, Chip Paul is the man responsible for the Oklahoma

Medical Marijuana Law. He championed it from the beginning and

was the original author of the law.

After your successful training, you will be qualified to enroll as a Master Cannabinologer™, 

adhere to the Cannabinologer™ code of ethics and stay current on new training information. You will have free access to ongoing monthly medical, science and business training via webinars and teleconference calls to stay current on our rapidly changing industry.

As an enrolled Master Cannabinologer™ you will be awarded the certification for prominent display to let your clients know that you are a trained expert in the field. 


One-hour lunch break on your own.   


World Canna Health & OK4U Certified         

Regular and at the door: $275                       

Early bird online price Only:    $175

Contact us for groups of 3 or more.



A training is only as good as the trainers.  World Canna Health is proud to have brought together some of the finest experts in the industry. 

Chip Paul the co-founder of the non-profit, Oklahomans for Health, the organization that petitioned the State of Oklahoma to legalize medical marijuana. Paul was the principal author, and spear head of the legislation that passed on June 26th, 2018, creating the most progressive cannabis program in the country, with zero qualifying conditions, physician accountability, and no licensing caps. Paul has appeared in numerous business publications including Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, The New York Times, Franchise Times, and many local and regional publications, now he is here to train you.

Chip Paul is the President of World Canna Health

Chip Paul

President - World Canna Health, Inc

CEO/Co-Founder - GnuPharma Corp.


Oklahoma amazed the nation by creating a simple and easy path for medical marijuana use and businesses. More than anyone else, Chip Paul is the man responsible for it. He championed it from the beginning and was the original author of the law.

He is also a skilled product formulator, innovator and manufacturer. He is also the co-founder and CEO of GnuPhama, from where he has formulated and private labeled products for many major retailers.      

Mr. Paul is uniquely versed in the health and science of cannabinoids and practical applications.