This is the private cannabinoid training exclusively designed for the YOUR COMPANY team.  

This page will be customized to your company with your logo and name.

The intro video will mention your company. 

In this training you will learn the basics of Cannabidiol, commonly refereed to as CBD. After your successful completion of the training you will be able to address most questions posed by customers and speak authoritatively on the use and effectiveness of CBD. 

Your management team will alert you to updates and other ongoing training so that you may stay current on your knowledge base and new developments in the industry. 

Please click each topic below to view a short video and read the attached training information for each subject matter. After each segment you will be able to take a short 10 question quiz. There will be a 50 question final after you have studied and taken the quiz in each of the 6 segments.  


You must score 80% or better to successfully complete the program. If you fail any segment you will be asked to retake the segment.

Intro to CBD

What is CBD

Learn the basics


Understand how CBD is works in the human body

Common Uses

What is CBD used for and what it can and can not do

Dosing & Methods

What are the most common ways to use CBD 

Labels Information

Understanding how to read and understand labels and ingredients and COA 


What are the legal aspects of CBD. What can you say or not say regarding CBD