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Become a Master Cannabinologist®
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  Basic Program    

Cannabinologist [ka-nah-bin-uh-loh- jist]

1:  A person trained in the human endocannabinoid system and the proper use and effects of cannabinoids.

2:    A person who has been trained and qualified to provide advice and guidance in the use of cannabinoids.

The initial training program to become a Master Cannabinologist is either live or on-line video and text training followed by a test.


The initial online process can be completed in a matter of days or even a single marathon session. We recommend that you take your time to review and understand the material. There will be a test for you to complete, so understanding is important. After your successful completion of the study and testing, you will be qualified to enroll as a Master Cannabinologist, adhere to the code of ethics and stay current on new training information. As an enrolled Master Cannabinologist you will be awarded the certification, or you may request an optional wall plaque and title of Master Cannabinologist  be listed on the directory and receive referrals of clients in your geographical area or specialty.    


The full title or the abbreviation, M.C. can be used on business cards and other marketing material. Your clients will soon be able to verify your status and certification on line using your name or certification number.    

Course topics include:

  • Understanding of the Endocannabinoid System

  • Common Cannabinoids 

  • Common usage

  • Methods of use and Dosage 

  • Risks and challenges of Cannabinoid use 

  • Understanding  product ingredients and labeling

What is a Cannabinologist®?  

A Cannabinologist is a trained expert on the subject of cannabinoids, its proper use, effectiveness, dosing & appropriate recommendations, just to list only a few items of the training. The training is designed exclusively for retail staff in the cannabis industry, health care providers and cannabis advisers.

The term Cannabinologer and Cannabinologist are registered trademarks in the United States. Trademarks are being submitted for Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom and the European Union.

After course completion, a Cannabinologist will understand: 

  • The medical and science aspects of cannabis products

  • Common cannabinoids, i.e. THC, CBN, CBG, CBD, etc.  

  • Appropriate methods of cannabinoid use and its functional value, i.e., vaping, pills, creams, etc.

  • Proper cannabis uses and dosage to effectively treat common conditions

  • Common conditions best addressed by cannabinoids

  • How and when to add on products for maximum health value


Why should I or my staff become a Cannabinologist?

A well-trained staff sells more product. It’s just that simple. Products sell when the benefits and use are explained in simple and easy to understand terms. The value of how and why particular cannabinoid may alleviate common health concerns, such Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Inflammation, Sleep disorders and so many other conditions.

Retailers consistently sell substantially more product and to repeat buyers when staffers are truly educated and are consultants rather than salespeople.

Cannabinologist marketing and promotion is a new and exciting platform. Consumers will soon become more aware of the merits of working with a Cannabinologist, not only from the press, advertising and media events being conducted by World Canna Health but also from the growing Cannabinologer community.

World Canna Health provides co-branded educational flyers, brochures and email marketing support to keep consumers educated and returning to their Cannabinologist.

In the months and years to come, consumers will actively seek out a Cannabinologist because their health and well being depend on it!

 This course is ideal for:


  • CBD dispensary workers & sales staff

  • Health care workers

  • People starting out in the Cannabis or CBD business  


All Cannabinologist training's are presented by respected industry professionals.  

Cannabinologist is a special word that defines the role of the person who has been trained in the science of cannabinoids. The student has learned from medical and science professionals, not random and often conflicting articles or youtube videos. The Cannabinologist has invested in the scientific and medical data and how it will continue to develop and change, Cannabinologist training is continuous via webinars and emailed updates from World Canna Health experts.

When a consumer sees the certificate or the title on a business card or flyer, the inevitable question is “what does this mean?”.

This is an incredible opportunity to begin the conversation regarding the value of healthful cannabinoid use and the importance of where a consumer gets their information.   


  • Each course graduate will receive a certificate as a Master Cannabinologist, suitable for display in retail locations. Retail locations would be Certified as a Cannabinologist Vendor after all retail employees have been trained.

  • Regular web/conference calls to learn from medical professionals to stay current on the medicine and science ask question that may have come up in the normal business.

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Live Events 

Check our Events page for Live and Online events. It is an important element of any training to engage with your peers, learn from industry leaders and medical and business professionals and participate in "hands on" projects and trainings.

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Ongoing Training    

In a fast changing world, we can never stop learning. You will always get updates and additional information on regular topics plus new material and training to add to and expand your knowledge base and business.