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Starting a CannaBiz


The recent consequences of the farm bill and the general acceptance of CBD products in mainstream retail locations such as Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, Nordstrom's and Nieman-Marcus to name just a few,  and the growing medical and user support of hemp-based products, both CBD and THC. 


CBD has however become the most exciting and fastest growing recent business. In fact, generally accepted growth numbers indicate that the CBD industry will grow to $22,000,000,000 by 2020, a growth of over 1100% from today’s levels. 

THC is becoming accepted in more and more states, for medical or recreational use. Opportunities for both THC and CBD are enormous.  

World Canna Health assists interested persons to start and operate successful canna businesses. No matter what your objectives are or how far along you are, we can assist you.

  • Turn-Key Online Sales 

 World Canna Health can create your turnkey online CBD store. Be in business tomorrow with little or no investment. 

  • Brick and Mortar CBD Retail Location

 Start your own CBD health products store. Carry top medical grade products with established ongoing support.

  • Wholesale Distribution

 Become a product distributor. Provide medical grade CBD and THC products where applicable to retailers in your territory. 

  • Wholesale products 

 Buy top quality medical grade products for your existing retail location. 

  • Dispensary Operations 

Medical Cannabis Dispensaries are full of obstacles, the experts from World Canna Health can guide through the basic        application to your grand opening. We will show you how handle inventory, security and most importantly, how to turn huge profits.

  • Cultivation/Grow Facility 

 Let our experts show you how to grow and profit from Hemp or Marijuana cultivation. 

  • Manufacture your own products

Create your specialty products. Learn how to manufacture, test and market, learn how to source quality ingredients and how to put it all together.

  • Medical CBD or THC Product Formulations

Our science and or medical team will create formulate products unique to you. Stand out with professionally formulated custom products, private label or doctor formulated medical grade products. 


​If you are serious in building a successful CBD or THC business, we invite you to contact us for a free no obligation consultation on how we can help you build a strong and healthy cannabiz. 


Join us and share the health benefits of cannabinoids to help the millions of people who have suffered needlessly from conditions such sleep disorders, anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation and so much more, all because direct access to the helpful cannabinoids had been denied them previously, either due to legal restrictions or myths on its use. A new era calls on us to make a difference, it all begins with education.

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