Cannabinologer™ Training presented live at: 

Lucky Leaf Expos   

Dallas, TX - May 28, 2020

Austin, TX - July 30, 2020

Houston, TX - Nov 5, 2020

Albuquerque, NM - Oct 1, 2020

Sponsored by Texas's premier hemp expo, the Lucky Leaf Expo

Texas is on the Move!!


New laws make growing hemp and CBD treatment easy in Texas.

Learn the Science, Medicine and the basics of cultivation in one

jam packed day.    


Course topics include:

  • Understanding of the Endocannabinoid System

  • Common Cannabinoids 

  • Common usage

  • Methods of use and Dosage 

  • Risks and challenges of Cannabinoid use 

  • Strategies to start your own business or invest in this growing field

  • Marketing and Self-Promotion - Strategies to promote your business

  • Fundamentals of hemp cultivation 

  • The path to success and pitfalls to avoid


This course is ideal for:


·        Hemp Growers and future Hemp Growers

·        CBD dispensary workers & sales staff

·        Health care workers

·        People starting out in the Cannabis business, cultivation, CBD or Medical THC 

This is a comprehensive 6 hour training presented by two medical doctors and an experienced grower and dispensary operator.


After your successful training, you will be qualified to enroll as a Master Cannabinologer™, 

adhere to the Cannabinologer™ code of ethics and stay current on new training information. You will have free access to ongoing monthly medical, science and business training via webinars and teleconference calls to stay current on our rapidly changing industry.

As an enrolled Master Cannabinologer™ you will be awarded the certification, or you may request an optional wall plaque and title of Master Cannabinologer™, and receive referrals of clients in your geographical area or specialty.   

Presented live by the Luck Leaf Expo

9:30am - 4:30pm   

One-hour lunch break on your own.   


At the door: $895                                                       Register for Dallas Tickets


Regular Online price:    $595 


Lucky Leaf Early Bird:  $360

(expires March 31)     


Registration for Austin, Houston and Albuquerque available soon.


A training is only as good as the trainers.  World Canna Health is proud to have brought together some of the finest experts in the industry. 


PLEASE NOTE: The listing below is a sample listing of our regular trainers. Trainers will vary from event to event based on the schedules of the professionals involved. Not all speakers will be present at any one event and speakers may change without notice.

Chip Paul

President -  World Canna Health 

CEO/Co-Founder - GnuPharma Corp.

Oklahoma amazed the nation by creating a simple and easy path for medical marijuana use and businesses. More than anyone else, Chip Paul is the man responsible for it. He championed it from the beginning and was the original author of the law.

He is also a skilled product formulator, innovator and manufacturer. He is also the co-founder and CEO of GnuPhama, from where he has formulated and private labeled products for many major retailers.      

Mr. Paul is uniquely versed in the health and science of cannabinoids and practical applications.

David Lal

CEO - World Canna Health

CEO - TrueMedX

David Lal has been the Founder/CEO of various companies across several industries from finance to solar power for nearly 30 years. David has mentored and trained entrepreneurs starting and operating their businesses. He has also trained over several thousand salespeople to achieve success in their respective industries.


Mr. Lal is the CEO of World Canna Health, an education and consulting firm dedicated to helping people start and operate CBD and Medical Marijuana businesses. 

Zac Pilossoph, DVM

Associate Medical Director

Dr. Zac Pilossoph, is a nationally recognized veterinary medical professional, a top graduate of Tufts University Veterinary School of Medicine with postgraduate focused training in E/CC and Neurology/Neurosurgery at two of the most prestigious programs in the country. 

Dr. Pilossoph, is one of only a few veterinary phytocannabinoid/endocannabinoid physiology experts in the world.  

Gina Hogan, RN

Director of Health and Client Services

World Canna Health

Gina has been a Registered Nurse for over 25 years, and is the co-founder of Texas Canna RN, an organization with a mission to educate consumers about natural, healthy alternatives to pharmaceuticals.

Gina is also fiercely passionate about the health and well being of animals and has been involved in the Cannabis industry working with people and pets for several years.

Alisha Northern, RN

Director of Health and Client Services

World Canna Health

Alisha has been a Registered Nurse for over 25 years. Her specialties include Cardiology Services and Perioperative Surgery. Her clinical experiences have all over the nation. She has worked in numerous trauma centers, start-up facilities and in Administration as an OR Director. She thrives on re-engineering processes and implementing best practices.