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Cannabinologer™ Training presented live at: 

World CBD Expo



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World CBD Expo plays host to World Canna Health in San Diego! - Learn to take full advantage of it.

Learn the Science, Medicine and the basics of starting and growing your own business - All in one jam packed day.    


Course topics include:

·         In Depth Understanding of the The Master Regulatory System™

·         Common Cannabinoids 

·         Common Usage

·         Methods of Use and Dosage 

·         Risks and Challenges of Cannabinoid Use 

·         Understanding Product Ingredients and Labeling

·         Strategies to Start Your Own Business in this fast growing field



This course is ideal for:

·        CBD dispensary workers & sales staff

·        Health care workers

·        People starting out in the Cannabis business

And everyone that wants to live healthy!

This is a comprehensive 6 hour training presented by industry experts.


After your successful training, you will be qualified to enroll as a Master Cannabinologer™, 

adhere to the Cannabinologer™ code of ethics and stay current on new training information. You will have free access to ongoing monthly medical, science and business training via webinars and teleconference calls to stay current on our rapidly changing industry.

As an enrolled Master Cannabinologer™ you will be awarded the certificate and be listed on the directory and receive referrals of clients in your geographical area or specialty.    

The full title can be used on business cards and other marketing material. Your clients will soon be able to verify your status and certification on line using your name.  


Presented live at the upcoming World CBD Expo in San Diego. 

The first 20 registrants will receive a turnkey CBD business website and product coupons valued over $1,000! 

Your credit card will show  WCH,  

Class is on March 20, 2020

 Reg: $895        Early bird price:    $595        


December Super Early bird price:       $395     

Reviews from real attendees:


— Cody H.

“It was geared for someone looking to get started in the cannabis business. Everything I had hoped for.”


Individual trainers subject to change without notice


Chip Paul

World Canna Health


Oklahoma amazed the nation by creating a simple and easy path for medical marijuana use and businesses. More than anyone else, Chip Paul is the man responsible for it. He championed it from the beginning and was the original author of the law.

He is also a skilled product formulator, innovator and manufacturer. He has formulated and private labeled products for many major retailers.      

Mr. Paul is uniquely versed in the health and science of cannabinoids and practical applications.


David Lal

World Canna Health


David Lal has been the Founder/CEO of various companies across several industries from finance to solar power for nearly 30 years.


David has mentored and trained entrepreneurs starting and operating their businesses. He has also trained over several thousand salespeople to achieve success in their respective industries. 

Ryan Shore.jpeg

Ryan Shore

World Canna Health

Cultivation Director

Ryan is the CEO and Founder of one of the fastest growing and nationally   respected farms, Big Sky Scientific.

Big Sky Scientific supplies CBD, ingredients, knowledge, education, and formulas to others in the CBD and industrial hemp industries.