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Cannabinologer™ Training presented live at: 

Lucky Leaf Expos   

Dallas, TX 

Austin, TX 

Houston, TX 

Albuquerque, NM 

Sponsored by the Lucky Leaf Expo




The international pandemic related to Covid-19 has changed the way we will do business for years to come. Now is the time to fine tune established strategies and develop new ones for today's market.

World Canna Health has developed a comprehensive yet concise single day training workshop to help you start or grow your CBD/HEMP business.

Course topics include:

  • Understanding the history of cannabis and How to effectively use it to promote yourself

  • How to target your market and become a leader in it

  • How to develop multiple marketing and sales channels 

    • Develop local distribution channels​

    • Attract and train commission based sales teams 

  • How to attract your ideal customers and draw them to you

  • How to develop repeat customers 

  • How to use your webcam to close business around country

  • How to promote and sell unique in-demand products   

  • Strategies to start your own business or invest in this growing field

  • Marketing and Self-Promotion - Strategies to promote your business

  • Fundamentals of business formation

  • The path to success and pitfalls to avoid


If you are serious about your CBD/HEMP business you need to be here!

This is a comprehensive 6 hour training. 

Workshop will include hands on group thinking and brainstorming 

Creative problem solving skills

Workbook Provided


After your successful training, you will be qualified to enroll as a Master Cannabinologer™, 

adhere to the Cannabinologer™ code of ethics and stay current on new training information.

As an enrolled Master Cannabinologer™ you will be awarded the certification and receive referrals of clients in your geographical area or specialty.   

Presented live by the Luck Leaf Expo

9:30am - 4:30pm   

One-hour lunch break on your own.   



                                               Registration  opens soon                   






David Lal


CEO - World Canna Health

David Lal has been the Founder/CEO of various companies across several industries from finance to solar power for nearly 30 years. David has mentored and trained entrepreneurs starting and operating their businesses.


He has also trained over several thousand salespeople to achieve success in their respective industries.


Mr. Lal is the CEO of World Canna Health, an education and consulting firm dedicated to helping people start and operate successful businesses.