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The most common theme in cannabinoids is misconception. Information shared in casual conversations among friends or questions asked in CBD stores, nutritional stores or medical cannabis dispensaries range the entire spectrum from funny myths to extreme and often dangerous false information.


The people that the public often turn to for cannabinoid information and guidance are the sales staff in CBD, health and nutritional stores and cannabis dispensaries, but if you were to ask the same question in the same store on different days you might get completely different and contradictory answers from individual staffers.

The goal of World Canna Health is to eliminate misconception and increase awareness within the cannabis world. Building a network of trained professionals. Professionals around the world who can clearly and concisely provide the information desperately sought by consumers. Help people find solutions to alleviate common ailments naturally and without complications.   

World Canna Health is achieving this goal by training and certifying what we have designated a Master Cannabinologist®. A trained Master Cannabinologist® is trained in the science and medicine to the extent that they can intelligently and accurately provide assistance as an employee of a dispensary, health services or products provider or as a care giver.           

What are Cannabinoids? They are a complex and diverse types of compounds that are naturally created in the human body to keep our systems in balance, its known as the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The cannabinoid receptors are rooted within our nervous system, our immune systems and many organs. An overly simple explanation is to say that the system acts as a communication and coordination between the cells in our bodies. Although much more research needs to be done, thousands of years of practical experience combined with more recent ongoing scientific research all indicate the important health values of the Endocannabinoid System.

The most commonly used cannabinoid is Cannabidiol or CBD. CBD does not have the “high” generally associated with marijuana yet provide the necessary support to allow our internal Endocannabinoid System to function at heightened levels to address a host of our common ailments.

The direct and very clear benefits for people suffering from seizures have been well documented. More common ailments that afflict more than 75% of the US population can be significantly alleviated or prevented in the first place.

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